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"BESPOKE MATERIALS JAPAN" supports the development and sales measures of versatile and excellent materials from Japan for both domestic and overseas luxury markets. 

The delicate Japanese aesthetics and the unique and original materials create a space that expresses one and only value. We will explore the possibilities of materials for interior and exterior that produce various scenes such as hotels, commercial facilities, and living spaces and make proposals according to the application.




Japan's sensibility is defined by unity with its natural environment, nurtured by four temperate seasons and topography surrounded by the sea. In this blessed environment, various materials have been formed through a long history. The aesthetics, exquisite craftsmanship, and sincere attitude of making things that have been cultivated through the process have created various tangible objects with universal value. And cutting-edge materials of new attempts to combine traditional and innovative techniques are constantly produced.

"BESPOKE MATERIALS JAPAN" will work with you to create original products, explore the value of the material itself, and develop versatile applications that take advantage of the Japanese sensibilities.In addition, by proposing various product developments for companies seeking innovation in materials, we aim to promote market revitalization and create new value.

News & Updates


Europe TMT+M&O 2023 Report & Networking Session 

Dates: March 1~2, 2023

Venue: Material Room / BMJP (Bespoke Materials Japan) 


This is an event for Japanese manufacturers. If you are interested in BMJP materials or have any other inquiries, please email us at:



We will exhibit at Maison & Objet as BMJP (Bespoke Materials Japan). We will develop overseas sales channels for intermediate materials for interior and exterior applications.


January 19~23, 2023

BMJP Booth

Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre



Bespoke Material Japan at IFFT 2021(Oct.18~20) was a great success!

We thank you all for visiting the show and following us on IG and. We also thank our Exhibitors for trusting us and wish you all the best with your creative materials in the global market! 



European Luxury Market Research:
Architectural / Design Office Hearing : January 2019

The purpose of this research was to explore the potential of sales channels for Japanese material by conducting interviews with construction and design companies that are developing businesses targeting the luxury market and clarifying what intermediate materials they are looking for. 


BMJP exhibition at Maison & Objet 2023 in Paris (Jan.19~23) was a great success.

For information on future exhibitions and events, please check this News occasionally, or follow @bespokematerialsjapan on Instagram.


If you are interested in BMJP materials or have any other inquiries, please email us at:



We will exhibit at Interior Lifestyle.
In addition to exhibiting materials, focusing on interior and exterior materials, we plan to present our creations of art objects in commercial spaces.

June 1~3, 2022

Tokyo Big Site

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 9.00.21 AM.png

Bespoke Materials Japan will be at IFFT
( Interior Lifestyle Living ) 

October 18~20, 2021
Tokyo Big Site South Exhibition Hall


New Beginning for us!

August 2019, formerly a division of SPACE M PROJECTS, Ltd., JAPAN, Vision Marketing, Inc. became a separate entity. 


Now we have BMJP You Tube channel! Please visit and follow it. 

The handle name for the channel is @BespokeMaterialsJapan. 

We posted the videos introducing four brands who joined us for TMT (Trade Missions Tour) this fall. The videos can be viewed on each brand's page on this website. 


ELEGANT WOOD Solo Exhibition: Genuine Slices of Nature

We will exhibit materials by ELEGANT WOOD, a manufacturer of interior design panels for architecture and commercial facilities, under the theme of "wood veneer" and its potential for expression as an intermediate material.

February 16-18, 2022

BMJP Material Room, Tokyo


Bespoke Materials Japan at Maison&Objet Paris 2019 was a great success!  

Please click the button below and view the photos of our booth.

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