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Elegant Wood



Hight Quality Space Creator

ELEGANT WOOD is a Japanese manufacturer of designed interior panels used in commercial facilities, hotels, and more.

Our process blends technology with tradition. First, our CNC machines shave the
panels’ surfaces to create the finalized design in three dimensions. Then the panels are painted and attached by hand.
Our greatest strength is that we can produce original panels customized for the space that a designer envisions. During the planning stage of the project, ELEGANT WOOD suggests the most suitable panels to fit the design of the space. Our process is totally different from mass production using molds. We accept orders for small lots as well.

We offer a wide range of panels. Each design is born of a collaboration with designers.
Our varieties include:

• arrhythmic patterns covering the entire wall
• dynamic effects like painted brush strokes
• three-dimensional designs using the characteristics of wood grains
• surfaces reflecting traditional Japanese woodworking techniques
• art panels, as are often hung on hotel walls

ELEGANT WOOD has worked on numerous projects and has been very successful in Japan.
Our next step is to propagate our techniques throughout the world. We will continue to offer
valuable craftsmanship to turn designers’ visions into reality.

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